hands free dog leash for hiking running walking black small and large dogs

It all started out as a homemade device that I made out of necessity living on the road camping and staying in hotels with my dog all over the Western United States. I figured out to put a carabiner from rock climbing onto the end of my normal black dog leash, then secured it to my belt so that my dog could come with me when I checked into hotels and when I set up our campsite in California State Parks.

I started using the hands free styled dog leash approach and really enjoyed the benefits of having my hands free for other things, as well as preventing the dog from pulling as much. Your dog attempting to pull against a leash fastened to your waist is much harder for it to do than jerking a leash that is handheld. The dog quickly learns the futility of trying to pull you when you change the center of gravity to your favor.

no pull dog harness and hands free leashStill, there were discomforts with sudden jerking and tugging at the leash by the dog on occasion, so it only made sense to make a hands free dog leash that was both adjustable and retractable, and made of bungee type material so it would be strong yet flexible.

Hands Free Dog Running Leash with FREE Lightweight Poop Bag Holder w/Clip for Walking, Jogging, Hiking or Trail Running – Adjustable Retractable Leash

The Good Hound Hands Free Dog Leash with FREE Poop Bag Holder


The belt and leash are made in sleek black with subtle shades of neon green throughout which adds safety and visibility to the product for night and early morning outings.

Simply attach the hands free leash to your dog’s collar, then attach it securely to your belt which snaps on quickly and easily, and don’t forget to take a plastic baggy with you because…

A great bonus of this product is that you get the free lightweight clip-on doggy poop bag holder so that you are prepared for your dog’s potential bathroom breaks when you’re at the park or jogging down the street.

On more than one occasion I had to pause a jog with my dog as I rummaged through neighborhood trash cans to find something I could use to clean up after fido.

The Dog Leash Designed to Stop Your Dog From Pulling

Ultimately this dog leash is going to discourage your dog from pulling, as it will quickly see that it no longer works, but it’s also going to teach your dog to cooperate more without you having to send it to hours of class with the dog trainer. This type of leash is going to make people’s lives much easier especially when it comes to something already enjoyable, and now your hands are free to really go 100% intensity with you and your dog’s trail running, sprinting, jogging, or hiking up the mountain.

We hope that you’ll try The Good Hound Hands Free Dog Leash and see how perfect it is for everyday use, exercise, and exploring the forest, mountains, or jungle with your furry best friend.

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